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Going on Ten Years

Going on Ten Years

SS Styles - Wooden Biggie Special
Elements and papers from MRE_LIttleOne

    What a great way to use the freebie to showcase your daughter's growth through the years!  I really like your background and the colors you used and one of your photos are cuter than the other.   Lovely page and thanks for joining the challenge.   :)

    What a great page! I love how you used the freebie with the photos throughout the years. Fun page!

    I was thinking of something like this but I am sure you did a better job than I would have. Super page.

    It is really nice to see the growth and development. What a cutie and she has just grown prettier! Neat LO

    What a great idea to show her each year! Lovely page and a very creative way to use the freebie numbers!

    I like the way you showed her growing through the years, yet kept the photos similar by making them black and white about the same size.  Lovely and creative page!

    Great layout and clever use of the freebie!

    How very clever to use a photo for every year. Lovely layout.