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Breakfast is Served

Breakfast is Served

Grandson David, and his best friend Sean spend a LOT of time together.  This was the aftermath of a Friday evening working on a school project, followed by a sleepover  - I doubt there was much sleep.  But like the good kids they are - usually - they got up to fix breakfast for David's mom.  Looks as if Sean did most of the cooking.  Karin caught her new teenager in action, but no kids, or eggs, were harmed in the production of this photo.  Although it was Karin's birthday, she, of course, is not in the pictures.  Supplies are in EXIF.

    They cook like I do - with a fire extinguisher close at hand. Safety first! What a fun page.

    I love the title letters and the masculine colors on the page.

    Fun page!  I like your interesting title with all the different types of letters.  The photos are great, especially the fire extinguisher one.  The word art about boys is very appropriate!  I'm impressed that the kids made that delicious-looking breakfast.

    What a sweet page.   Your photos are wonderful and I love the looks on each of the children's faces.   I like the colors you used and your "messy" pretty background is lovely.   Great journaling and word art too.  Lovely work, Jo!  :)

    What fabulous kids!!! I love the messy splotches and the colours you used and the alpha... and the paper... and the quote... did I miss anything!?!? I love it all!