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Freebee Challenge - So Many Books So Little Time

Freebee Challenge - So Many Books So Little Time

Just a few that I have REALLY liked..
Flowers from Sweet Street Gang

    Really clever idea and I love the page layout. I am going to look into some of your favorites. I haven't read anything I have really liked lately. Great job on this!

    what a great idea doing the books you have read wonderful LO :)

    I like the way you redid the numbers in red to fit your page, and coralled the books behind a banner.  The word art is perfect for your age.  These look some great books to read!

    What a great layout and way to use the freebie, Carol!  I really like how you recolored the numbers to match your page and showed us photos next to your book list!    You did a wonderful job with the two parts of your background and I like your word art and book embellishment.    Thanks for joining in the challenge.   :)

    Nice!  My reading list just got longer. I like the cluster of the books and how you've "underlined" them with the banner.  Perfect word art for this too!  I love to see how my collections get used for layouts like this.  Thanks for using Bookshelf Collection Biggie!

    Fun page, Carol.  I like your choice of neutral backgrounds to show off all those colorful books, and the red borders.  But how do you choose just ten?!

    I love that you used the freebie as a border. It's a great idea to make a list of your books. Lovely layout.