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26mar14 SpeedScrap







font LD Cursive, LD Remington Portable

SNU_SSTools_Styles_Maps (used on title)

stars are from the Australian flag, internet image, and the 5 used on the upper left make up the Southern Cross (in the cluster the other 2 are hidden), the Southern Cross is a constellation only visible from the Southern Hemisphere and we use it on our flag - it would have been visible to migrants who arrived by ship

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History is so fascinating, especially a place with so many immigrants. Great statue and I love the cluster, especially the touch of yellow (I thought you weren't doing flowers?)

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Wow, this is so cool Jode. I really like your photos and the background you used and that is so interesting about the stars and constellation. I like the tape you used and your cluster is beautiful. :)

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I can't believe you did this in an hour! I love that you used the Southern Cross and all the textures with the brick is wonderful. Thanks for joining the chat last night!

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Wonderful creation, Jody - I, too, wonder how you pulled it together in just an hour. I love the repetition of bricks, the black border and tape, and your cluster is a lovely tribute to those who contributed to the development of your country. This is an amazing page!

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Very interesting, beautiful and educational all wrapped into one... and you did it in less than an hour?? Wow! I really like how you used the brick background with the pictures. It really looks great!

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