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HNC_london phone Box

HNC_london phone Box

This is one of my DD photos. i duplicated it.....changed to B&W and isolated the red phone box.
I used:

    The red phone booths screams 'Look at me"  so I did...really cool page.

    So clever Jane - and so typically London!

    Ditto ditto as above comments. It really grabbed my attention too. Love how you extracted the booth, brilliantly done. :)

    Great color isolation! I love your blending and composition, too.

    This is great! So iconic. The blending reminds me of the London fog.

    Wow - thought all the red boxes were gone. Very evocative, great page!

    Love it - especially how you used the color isolation.

    Love it.  You and I did the same effect only opposite...I kept the background colored and the main focus black and white, and you did the reverse. Fun effect to work with isn't it? Nicely done.

    This is so cool, I never thought about taking a pic of just the top half of the phone booth--very clever!!

    OH MY WORD I love it! I was on my way to add my LO and this caught my eye. Absolutely beautiful!