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Tuesday April Fool Layout Web

Tuesday April Fool Layout Web

Journaling:Some of my favourite things to do: Reading, more reading, spa day, having fun, scrapping, eating, shopping, more eating.
I did pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time. Years ago, I sorta, kinda stood on my head. Tried to anyway. If I did that today I would need a heavy duty crane to get me off the floor.  I did everything else.
Combine two layouts templates   ABR_SSEmb_StackThem7-4.psd; ABR_SSEmb_StackThem7-7.psd
Use 8 photos   check
Write your journaling backward   check
Stand on your head   Can't find the photo on me standing on my head. Did this about 10 years back
Use 26 flowers; SNU_Wildflowers_Nano_Flower-Pink.png;  SNU_Wildflowers_Nano_Flower-DkPink.png;  Check
Flip your photos upside down  Check
Use 12 papers; SG_TouchofSpice_Paper_SNU_Wood.jpg; EBA_Paprika_Paper_Nutmeg.jpg; EBA_Paprika_Paper_Cream.jpg; KMC_PocketLife_Pumpkin_Special.jpg; COL_Exotic_Paper_Tan.jpg; BMU_DinnerParty_TableTop.jpg; COL_Jif6_12x12Exotic_Paper_Tan.jpg;
COL_Exotic_Paper_Cracked_Tan.jpg; BMU_MadisonCo_Paper_Stacked.jpg; SNU_SSPaper_Woodlandia_PprSpecial.jpg; BMU_MadisonCo_Paper_Roses.jpg
Pat your head and rub your belly at the same time
Add another dozen embellishments; BMU_Petals_Heart-4.png; BMU_Petals_Heart-3.png; BMU_Petals_Heart-2.png; BMU_Petals_Heart-1.png
AFT Take Wing Style; SBA Basic Shadows; 

    OMG this is too funny!!!

    Belle, this is hilarious - Great job! :rofl:

    This is so fun!  I downloaded your layout so I could flip it upside down to read the journaling, then realized you had reversed the page as well!  Great April Fools' Day page!

    You are a trip, Belle! :)

    Leave it to you Belle to follow the crazy instructions.  You did a fabulous job and I'm still laughing.  I like that you sorta, kinda stood on your head ten years ago.  Great April Fools' Day layout.  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    I LOVE this Belle and you DID it!   You really completed the April Fool's Challenge and in a wonderful way, too.  Super fantastic page.   :)

    You crack me up, Belle!