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Family home Sold (HNC photo manipulation)

Family home Sold (HNC photo manipulation)

(turned the main photo house to black/white because when I lived in the house we had it painted light gray with charcoal gray shutters)
Text reads:
The family home...it belonged to the boys' great grandparents for 50 years; their grandmother was born and raised there, and then their dad bought it.  We lived there after we were married, and when the boys were born...a total of 10 years. The boys attended the same elementarty school and high school as their grandmother had. Despite it being a small house, I could have been happy there forever and the mortgage was low enough to afford easily.  The life changed: we bought another house and rented this one out. Then a few months later, my husband left me for another woman.  A few years later they moved into this house. Although, they finished the basement and changed all the colors, it still wasn't big or fancy enough for the new wife, so they bought another house and again rented this one out.  Today I found out they sold it.  They got an amazing price, so it's understandable, but this house will be torn down and replaced with a multiple housing unit.   A piece of the boys' family history will disappear. And for some reason, it makes me sad.
Products used:
Gennifer Bursett_In the Garden_(wood ppr)
Grannys Art_stone path
Elisabeth Barrett_Takedown (frame)
Katie Pertiet_AdInspiration 121511 (frame)

    Very cool LO but sad journaling. Good to chat with you at the HNC. The red is a great attention getter!

    heck yes, it would have made me sad too, so much family history there. We all could probably say things about the move-in-new-wife, but I will keep my mouth shut. Your boys will have this history because you are the keeper of great memories--bless your heart!!

    I'm glad you have these photos... and of course you and the boys will always have the memories. The photos and layout are lovely but I too was sad reading your journaling. It's hard to say goodbye to a piece of your history.

    Your layout preserves the history your family had in this house.  Your journaling is sad.  I hope creating this lovely page helped in some way.  I like the little stone path and the variety of different photos.

    Wonderful page. Sorry to hear they'll be tearing down that piece of history.

    Sad to lose a family home. Love the photos and placement. I really like the background you created.

    What a wonderful job you did preserving these memories for your boys. Sorry there are sad memories for you here, but we need to preserve those too. You did a lovely job on this LO.

    I'm glad you have the photos! Great memory page.

    The story is so sad, but you have your wonderful memories which no one can take away.  You have captured them nicely on this lovely layout.