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HNC4 2

HNC4 2

Thanks for all the tips...great chat.  This came out awfully drab, but that's they way the ruins looked.
Supply list in EXIF properties.

    That is so exciting to be able to see them...not drab at all!! Really fun chat..now to play around to learn new things. Great phototgraphy.

    I don't think it's drab at all; I love the monotones with your photo of the ruins. It looks great! I love all the blending and textures in your background, too. Beautiful page!

    I think your page looks fantastic! It really highlights the details of the column. Wonderful job!

    So interesting, Ann.  I think your photo is lovely and your layout, too!  :)

    Beautiful layout, Ann! Especially your title treatment & bottom flourish!

    Love the monotones and especially love the title. Lovely LO.

    I disagree, it's not drab. It's a fun perspective of the ruins.

    Your page is fantastic. Love the blended background.