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Oddball Monday

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Oddball Monday

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    I love this Andrea.  It's so colorful and I like how you blended 'smoothie' into the background.  The alpha is great.  You sure did a lot of work on this and there is so much to see.  Love the clown girl and her colorful flower outfit.

    So cool Andrea and very pretty too!  I am having a wonderful time looking through all the special pieces and touches you included.   :)

    Very fun & colorful, Andrea! I keep finding new elements, the longer I look at it!

    How fun and frothy and fruity just like a smoothie! Love all the brightness and excitement- you captured the smoothie feel perfectly :-) the fun touch of the clown and the arrows is counterbalanced by the subtle alpha perfectly, GREAT job!!!

    This is really eye-catching! I'm going to be humming the "Smoothie Song" for the rest of the day, ha ha. Love the paper doll and all the splashes of color. Very cool!

    Oh my, I love these kinds of pages ... altered art; it's like eye candy.  This one has so much to keep the eye moving.  I too like the way you blended the word ... I'll have to remember that trick.