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Candlestick Tree Saturday 3-15-14 Color Challenge

On one of my many trips to the New York Botanical Garden, I came across this tree known as the Candlestick Tree. It's bark is rather interesting and the flowers that bloom are really pretty. The tree grows up to 39 feet high, with glossy leaves of bright green. The stalk has occasional sharp spines. The flowers of this species grow from the trunk. So the fruit hangs from the trunk and main branches. The two photos of the flowers came from the internet, while the two photos of the tree were taken by me at the Garden.



Supplies Used:

EBA Afresh Collection -- Paper, Butterfly

I used SNU SSStyles Chipboard Edge as a frame for the photos.

Recommended Comments

Wow, so interesting Carol - and even rather pretty! I enjoyed your journaling and the photos are great. I like your background too, just lovely. :)

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