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Cubic Giraffe - All Freebies


Sue Maravelas

Cubic Giraffe - All Freebies

The Tuesday 4/1 Freebie Challenge to create a page using only freebies.  I also used this as an opportunity to finish a layout I started months ago to create a page based on cubism.  

The template is by me, and the giraffe is a stock photo. All other materials are expired freebies from Scrap Girls Digital Scrapbooking. BHA_SSPaper_CitySlick_SPEC_LampIllum; BMU_BasilCo_Special; BMU_Menagerie_Special1_Arrow; ATR_CrazyRetroDay_paper_SPECIAL; SNU_FleaMkt_PprSPEC_Collage; BMU_CottageCookbook_Special; EBA_PalmSunday_Paper_Special; EBA_ElephantsFly_Paper_Special; SNU_FleaMkt_PprSPEC_Collage; SNU_AlteredLife_YellowPpr_SPEC; JSM_dD-Everyday-Jun_Paper_Bricks-2; EBA_Papercutting_Paper_Special ACA_OppAttract_Paper_Special-Green-AngCampbell; ATR_GrannysAttic_Paper_pink-green; ATR_CrazyRetroDay_PaperMini_SPECIAL; SNU_BrooksideManor_PprSPEC; ABR_YoursTruly_PaperSpec-Swirl; BMU_DynBrush_Bokeh_Special; JRE_PirateCode_PaperSpec; JRE_Wanted_Paper_Hearts_Drawn; ABL_WesternRodeo_Paper_Special; PJO_SweetRomance_Paper_Special; KME_ButterflyFX_Paper_Special-Fern; KME_CupidsArrow_Paper_Special-Tapestry; ABR_SSPaper_ArtJourney_Spec; EBA_AlteredBooks_Paper_Special; DEB_SSPaper85x11_Wetlands_SPC; ABR_YoursTruly_PaperSpec-Swirl; AFT_Beachcomber_Paper_Spcl; BMU_Countryside_Paper-4; STI_SSPaper_Admirer_Special_News; EBA_Papercutting_Paper_Special; CED_AdventureLand_Paper_SPECIAL; GWH_StrawberryDelight_Paper_Yellow-Dot; ACA_AngCampbell_OppAttract_Paper_Special-Black; Font: Square721 BT

    Wow! You put a lot of work into this one. Great freebies there. The giraffe really catches your eye.

    Fantastic!  Love the cubism.

    This adorable face caught my eye right away.  He's darling.  Love how you made him into a cubic giraffe.  Love all the freebies you used, and you sure used a lot of them.  Great layout.

    I love your cubic giraffe. The background is perfect. Great background. You used some lovely feebies here.

    How did you do that?  Your giraffe is totally cool!

    LOL the giraffe is a riot! Great job on this one.

    WOWIE!   This is terrific, Sue!  I LOVE what you did with your photos and template and it came out so wonderfully.   What an amazing and very creative page and super job on the Cubism.   WOW, again.   Amazing layout.   :)

    What a fun layout!  Great cubism technique on your giraffe.

    Wow, that is a ton of freebies! Love the leaves, mix of patterns and the giraffe is awesome! Such a wonderful job, Sue!

    Great way to use all of those freebies!  :)  Love the use of cubism in this layout, you did superb work on this layout!