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I took the photos at the Botanical Garden last summer. They have two beautiful ponds in the back of the Conservatory. During the Summer months, they are filled with Lotus Blossoms, Lily pads and flowers. They are just gorgeous. These are just a couple of the waterlily's (King Of Siam) that were floating in the pond. I never get tired of the flowers and I make sure I go every Summer. The Garden has Musical Evenings and you can walk around before the music starts and look at the beautiful Lily's and Lotus blossoms. One of my favorite things to do on a nice Summer evening.



Supplies Used:

COL Exotic Collection -- Paper-Blue Green, Butterfly, Mendhi Embellishment-Flower and Fleurdelis

JHI Embell Biggie Old Photo Frames -- 4 frames

KME Butterfly Effect Collection -- Butterfly

BHA Blossom & Bloom Fall -- Cattails

SNU Butterfly Dream Collection -- Butterfly

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Beautiful photos, and layout. It sounds as if your Garden has some of the same things ours has, but yours is probably a lot larger.

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I love waterlilies and your photos are gorgeous, Carol! I love the background you chose - it makes your whole layout look like Monet's Waterlilies. Awesome page. :)

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