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I have never seen a more gorgeous 90-year old. Both of these photos were taken 3/29/14. No plastic surgery etc, just good old Irish genes. Since she is my MLI (and has been a great one for 35 years), I can only be hopeful that my kids inherit whatever it is she has.

    Very nice layout! Great blending.

    my goodness, with looks like hers she should have been an actress! I can never hope to look that good--look at those cheeks, very pretty!

    She certainly is stunning. I love the word art and blending. Lovely layout. 

    Wow she is amazing! You took a beautiful photo of a beautiful woman and made a beautiful work of art.

    Congratulations to the birthday girl, that is amazing! Lovely photos and great job with the background.

    Wow, for sure a beautiful woman and amazing about her age.   Lovely and gorgeous layout, too Kathy.   Just beautiful!  :)