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Mothers Day Card

Mothers Day Card

Today's challenge just inspired me to make a card!  My DD could not celebrate Mothers Day last week because she was working - she is celebrating this Sunday instead.  this is the card I've made for her with Elisha's beautiful collection for this month's Club.  I have added a little  glitter to the printed version.  TFL

    This is so nice... sweet photos.  Our mother's day is not until May. 

    Lovely card!! What a sweet greeting to receive ... and the glitter is always a nice touch!

    Sweet photos and such a pretty card, Hilary!  I'm sure your daughter will adore it and how special that you made it for her.  :)

    Adorable! She'll love it (especially with the added bit of glitter, lol.)

    That's so gorgeous!  So great for a Mother's Day Card.  I'll have to use the idea for myself!

    Awww, what cute photos. Lovely card - those stamps on top of the layout look wonderful. and I love the little scallops border. Perfect colors for Mother's Day.

    Very very pretty. Love it, everything is perfect! Thanks for joining the challenge.

    This is adorable!  I love the photos and your overalll design.  I also like the borders at the bottom with the little flag date tag. Wonderful card!

    How big has Rowan gotten!?! When did this HAPPEN!!!?!! Wow... love the way you included photos for your daughter's card - what a lovely idea.  Your choice to use the club is perfect.  Mother's Day is not until May 11 here - I have time to make one for myself :-)