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04apr14 Fri Scraplift

04apr14 Fri Scraplift

I lifted this lovely cardby Nica: keeping the basic design of the square and the layer at the bottom and the single large embellishment.  Thanks Monica for the inspiration :-)


    This caught my eye.... we just yesterday afternoon had some seagulls wanting  for us to feed them at a beach side town- Kingscliff.   You have put this page together so well. 

    OHhhhh..  This is gorgeous, Jode!   Your photo is wonderful and your treatment and texture is amazing.  I always look at your pages thinking, "How did she DO that?"!!    I love the simplicity of your page and with the simple embellishment and swirls along the top like clouds.   Lovely page.  :)

    You did a wonderful job with the simple photo making it into a work of art. As always admire your work. You are a master of blending and brushwork

    You did a fabulous job taking Monica's beautiful card design and giving it a whole different look.  Beautiful and, yes, serene.

    Lovely, I see the bones of Monica's card, but what a difference. Pretty colors and I love beach scenes. The transparent frame is a neat touch.

    Great lift, Jody!  I love the subtle square and the blending.  Thanks for the nod!

    Great lift Jody  - it sure is serene. Smart girl! thanks for joining the challenge.