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To my friend Debby on the loss of her furbaby Pirate.



Supplies Used:

DCA Zip Kit Rainbow Bright -- Rainbow, Paper-Sky

SNU Butterfly Dream -- Butterfly

LCO Rainbow Bridge Brushes Dogs -- Bridge, Dogs

Poem Rainbow Bridge from the internet. Author is unknown

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Oh Carol....thanks so much for thinking of me.... I am broken hearted but I know we will be together again on the high seas!! Thank you dear SG friend. Wiping the tears away.

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This is beautiful, Carol. Looks like my old dog, Lucas, standing there. Waaaah.... So lovely and nicely done. A moving tribute to Debby's Pirate.

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Carol, this is so beautiful and how kind of you to make it for Debby. Add me to the sniffle club. I love the rainbow background you used and the way you blended the animals and i'd never read this poem, it's a lovely tribute.

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