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Willowware Pattern Thurs 4/10 Chall - ceramics

Willowware Pattern  Thurs 4/10 Chall - ceramics

Last week I went looking for ceramics to scrap.  I have several - a pencil pot my DD made, a vase my father made when he was about 14, and a "tree" I sculpted in my collect plastic arts class.  All cherished for various reasons, but not inspiring a page.  This morning I looked at the links Monica included;  when I saw the patterned china and the dragon teapot, this poem popped into my head.  What's amazing is that I remembered the title.  I pulled the page from Scholastic's Literary Cavalcade magazine in 1960 - our English teacher required that we subscribe and read it.  When I found the page in my poetry notebook (and that took awhile!), the author's name seemed familiar, probably not because of a 54 year old memory.  I googled her, and found several pages of references, but nothing indicating recent work.  She has had poetry published in the intervening years, and been awarded a few prizes. I'm still amazed by what she created when she was 16 or 17.
The page itself was quite easy to assemble.  I found several photos of willow ware patterns inn Google; the one I chose is actually a pattern, because the photos were not very clear.  What took the most time was uncoloring the dragon paper so the dragon would show up when layered with the blue paper.  Supplies - such as they are - are in EXIF.
Thanks for the stimulus, Monica.  This was a challenge, and fun!  Now I ought to tackle the Grecian Urn.

    Jo, I'm so glad to give you the memory jog.  This is a beautiful LO!  The work you put into the dragon was definitely worth it.  Thanks for participating!

    Oh wow Jo - this is an amazing page!  I really enjoyed reading your notes about how this layout came to be and about the poem and I surely remember Scholastics Calvacade!    The poem is perfect for your page and I really like the background you created and the photo you used.   Interesting and very beautiful layout.   :)

    Jo,  This suddenly takes me back to my childhood.  I grew up using willowware dishes.  My mother loved this pattern.  The page is so nicely balanced.  Thanks for sharing this.

    This is really pretty! The perfect shade of blue and blended. Love it. Interesting story and photo.

    All your hard work really paid off with this gorgeous page. I love your concept, the design of the page, the apt poetry, and, of course, that  blue Willoware. Fabulous job!

    How cool that you could actually remember and then find the poem after all these years!  The dragon and the Willoware pattern go perfectly with it.  I like the overall blue tones of your page that echo the blue of your Willoware plate.  Thanks for sharing the story behind this lovely page.