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Still working on the road trip. I found this page and the last difficult because of the busy papers. I used the photo masks to tone things down a bit.

BMU-Route19_Paper_Vintage Truck
SN-SSEMB-Artful-Photo Masks_5

    I love what you've done here- Great background. Cute boys love the red On the Road sign.

    These little guys are so cute!  Your photos are so sweet and your background looks really great.   :)

    Little boys do love big trucks - love your photos - the background looks great - I like your photo mask

    Adorable boys, great old trucks - they just belong together.  I like your treatment of the background photo; it communicates age very well.

    Whatever you did to the old trucks is fabulous! and the picture of the boys is so cute.

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I have truly missed scrapping.