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11apr14 Friday Freebie

11apr14 Friday Freebie

I used just the freebie paper and altered it by converting to black and white, it had a bluish tinge which worked well with the border I was using :-)... pretty paper!


    I love the softly romantic look of your page, Jody! It doesn't seem like your usual style but you've done it with your usual flair and creative eye. I especially like the vertical cluster and border and am popping the whole page into my favorites!

    Super page, Jode!  Your photo is gorgeous and I really like how you tilted it and the beautiful way you put together so many different pieces - you are a wonder at that!  I like the soft feel and elegant look to your layout - it's awesome and I really like how you used the freebie.   :)

    Super LO Jody. Love the treatment and special look of your page. Gorgeous.

    This is gorgeous!  I like how you tucked your photo and other papers behind the paper strips.  I especially like the cluster at the bottom with the letters, inkwell and pen.  The black and white paper goes perfectly with the other materials on your page, too.

    Beautiful page, Jody.  Can I go live at Colleen's?  I, too, really like the tilt of the photo, and the vertical assembly of embellishments and border.  Lovely combination!

    Beautiful page Jody. I love the embellishment border. Such a beautiful view.

    Very pretty - I like the almost monochrome effect of this page which helps to bring out the few colours in the photo.

    What a beautiful view!  Really like how you tucked everything under the border and the different angles of the papers.  Great layout!