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Kumihimo Krazy

Kumihimo Krazy

Kumihimo is a Japanese form of braiding using satin cord.  It looks very complex but is actually pretty easy to do, and it is surprisingly meditative.  I mentioned kumihimo in an earlier layout and people were curious, so here is a closer look!

    love kumihimo stuff! It's so pretty.

    I'm so glad you showed us some of your work! (I admit to being curious). Beautiful! I like the red border you gave your page and the way you showed your materials as well as the finished products.

    This is lovely Mary Lou and your creations are gorgeous!   Your photo is great and I can really see the art of what you made.   Your layout is so pretty and the red background really shows off your pic.  I enjoyed reading your journaling and kumihimo sounds like a neat thing to try so I am off to look it up, thank you.  :)

    This is new to me, very pretty. Your Lo is so showy! I will have to figure out how to pronounce it.