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Cheers: Oktoberfest!

Cheers: Oktoberfest!

I used:
Syndee's Color Swatch Action
JZI Pub Collection  This is a new product and on sale!!! Great for manly layouts!!!

    Great photo of you, and I like your page. Lots of interest and I can just keep looking.:)

    Love this colour swatch and how perfect it is for Octoberfest! Feel thirsty now!

    I had to chuclke at this one.This is a great LO...reminds me of long ago.One thing I learned when I lived in Germany was how to order beer "Kann ich haben zwei Biere, bitte? Auf wiedersehen" You look happy like it was a good time.

    I really like this page.  Great job with the layering.

    Awesome! LOVE the mix of papers you used here. Your clustering under and around the photos really pulls the whole page together. Nice work -- thanks! :)

    Love it!  Oktoberfest is so much fun.  I love the composition of your page, and all the layers.

    Great photos! I love your wonderful paper stacks and the whole cheerful look to the page.