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Just love to scrap our moments...

Just love to scrap our moments...

I really love this month's ScrapSimpleClub by Brandy Murray and couldn't resist making this layout!
Thanks for a super collection Brandy and for the great tutorial. 

    Very nice. That is a lovely collection and I really like what you've done with it. The patch of chevrons is a really nice touch and contrast so well with your round frames.

    Lovely background. The club certainly is lovely. Great photos.

    Great photos, Marie and I really like how you framed them and added a pretty cluster.   I also really like how you put together your background, it's lovely!  :)

    Lovely photos! I love what you did with them and especially the mix of circle frames with the angles in the background.

    You are so welcome...it makes me so happy that you are pleased and having fun. It's great to see your fun layouts.