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hummer down

hummer down

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OurMisadventures_DisappearingAct (although I'm not sure I'm using this correctly)

    What a great story!  So happy she was able to save the little guy.  Love the bright colors on your layout.

    LOVE hummingbirds.  What an amazing story.  It's great that you captured the details in "print".!!

    Great story and photos, he's so tiny.  Beautiful layout, I love the colours.  Thanks for joining the challenge.

    love this page.  Beautiful, bright, and its fun to see someone holding a hummingbird. 

    What a kind thing to do for the poor hummingbird!  I'm glad there was a happy ending to this story.  Wonderful journaling and lovely photos for a special page!

    This is wonderful Ev.  Your photos are amazing.  I love hummingbirds but have never seen them so close up and still.   Your extraction is great and I really like the background you chose.   Super journaling and title, too!   Wonderful page.  :)

    This is a wonderful page and the journaling is great. I did that one time at a place I worked and it is so amazing to hold one of those little ones. Kudos to her for saving the little creature. thanks for sharing the event.

    Beautiful photo!  I am so glad the sweet dear made it out safely.

    What a beautiful photo and page! I have a similar story regarding a hummingbird in our own garage - but no photos to back it up:( I too finally caught the poor exhausted thing in my hand (from our van wheel well where it was hiding/resting) and with my son's help, actually fed it sugar water from a little medicine syringe. We let it go in our maple tree. It sat there and rested for about 20 minutes and then flew away. I so hope he made it!