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Monday Challenge - Close up

Monday Challenge - Close up

My husband always says "Tough as Nails" when the kids get hurt and come up smiling.  So I had a title well before i got to this page.  I personally love the top left photo of Anna.   
supplies used:
(ACA) SSpaper: Filligree
Mr Fix It Collection (TKA)
SSpaper: Curled Up (BMU)
SSpaper: Petals (MST)
SSpaper: Earthy (ACA)
Action: MegaLift square
Font: Chalk Duster

    Oh, my, she was a little trooper!  It's hard to have stitches on your face, especially so close to the eye.  I'm glad she is okay now.  I like all the journaling as well as the nail/screw heads (?) in the center of the flowers.  I can really relate to this page because I needed stitches three times on my face and four times elsewhere before I was eight!  

    This is so sweet, Amy!    Anna looks so brave and full of smiles after her ideas - what a honey!  I enjoyed your journaling and photos and especially your title - great line!  :)

    So brave, lovely to see Anna still smiling.  Great journalling and arrangement of your photos, love the flowers.  Thanks for joining the challenge.

    What a trooper!  I am so glad you took time to journal her (your) story.  This will be a treasure for her--a certificate of authenticity for her battle scar, along with proof of her "tough as nails" status!  Well done!

    Ouch!! But yep! Looks like she's still full of smiles :) Great layout to capture and journal the experience.