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BMU_HeartofGold_Flower-Pink & Leaf


This photo was taken about 10 years before her passing. my three older sisters made the news for being 3 sisters -debutantes at the same time. My mom's dress was royal blue.

    Lovely photo and photo treatment. I love the feminine look to the page and the sweet flower cluster in your title.

    Very pretty.  Love how you blended the rest of the photo and framed her photo

    The highlight of your mother grabbed my attention immediately. Very pretty cluster border across the top. How tragic to lose such a remarkable woman so early. 

    Beautiful page and such a pretty mother. I like how you focused on her with the frame and blending.

    Such a pretty page...nicely done.

    Beautiful photo and page, Andrea!  I can see you resemble your Mom, she's gorgeous.  I really like how you highlighted her and your blending is so pretty.    

    yes, your mom being highlighted is ver effective, lovely in every way!

    So beautiful! Your Mom looks gorgeous! Love the black and white photo, really pops against the color. And your cluster is so pretty:) 

    Beautiful Andrea.  I like the way you blended the photo, but left your mom in black and white with a frame.  Fantastic cluster and colors too!

    Andrea this is stunning! I love your creativity and how you have blended the colours so well. Wonderful cluster which looks like a border at the top of your layout and then the little cluster of flowers between your alphas.

    I love how you framed your mum, you can tell you are her daughter, you look like your mum.

    Gorgeous page! :)