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HNC May 7 - All About Me

HNC May 7 - All About Me

I grew up in New Hampshire where there are many beautiful - and cold - lakes, and that's where we got our Red Cross swimming lessons. That's me next to the instructor. I have no idea who took the picture. Thanks for looking!
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    What a neat photo. I like the outdoorsy feel of your page and don't envy you those cold lessons!

    Fabulous! Great photo and you chose the perfect kit for it. Your form looks like future Olympian! I learned in a YWCA pool on the 14th floor of the YWCA building. You think it would be warmer, but no! I guess they thought we would be better swimmers in 66 degree water.

    Great photo. I just love your embellishments, especially the bear.

    Wow, that's fantastic! Great page...I love that cute bear.

    I am shivering remembering the cold swims in my grandfather spring fed pond!!! Thanks for jogging that memory..LOL.

    Really great page with the bear climbing up the frame.

    I was hoping you would work on some of your family photos! Great job on this.

    What a great photo, Diane!   It feels cold just looking at it, brrrrrrr...  I really like how you framed it and the rustic outdoor collection you used.   And, I really like how you put your background together.   Such a special page and memory you created.  :)

    Love the photo!  The brushwork is great, and I can smell the pine trees.  The artwork is fantastic.  Great page.