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Hnc All anout Me Web

Hnc All anout Me Web

Left this one off the EXIF: ATR_SSwa_TWAIM_dreamer.png

    I can so relate to that....Which is why The long cold winter months do not bother me at all...I think I could easily be a bear and Hibernate (I do anyway)  Love how you have scrapped this too.  But isn't the internet wonderful for someone who is a bit shy and a homebody??  The BEST of all worlds.

    That is me too! Good job, Belle. I love your imagination, design and journaling.

    I must have multiple personalities. I love social time and must have it, but when I need "me time" I mean just that! I love the way have have scrapped the blended photo in the background and the definitions. The word art works well, too. I'm so glad you have your laptop - I love seeing your posts.

    Belle this is wonderful - it looks like an Art Journaling page about you!  I love how you blended your photo/eye and and the different backgrounds you  used.  I also really like your title and embellishments and most especially your journaling and definition.   Awesome page!  :)

    I love it Belle. I'm so much like you. Such a well blended and gorgeous page.

    Fabulous page, Belle! I love how you blended yourself into the background. I also like the doodle-style embellishments. 

    I'm enjoying reading the comments above since I guess we are ALL a bit introverted. Maybe that's why we chose a computer-related hobby?

    Introverts of the world unite!  Or maybe not...maybe just wave from a distance... :)

    Lovely page, Belle-- a real treasure, as are you! 

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Belle!  I agree with Jaymee - you are such a treasure as is your page!  I really like the blended photo in the background and your definition of Introvert is fabulous!  So much to look at on your page and I enjoyed every single minute of peeking into each corner (and the middle!)  

    This is wonderful..we learn more about each other all the time. I am surprised you are an introvert...I would not have thought that of you from all you do on this site. Thanks for sharing. Great color too. Happy scrapping.

    Wonderful page Belle! I really like your titling and how you included the definition.