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Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day Card

For Mother's Day this year I made these cards for my grown daughters and daughter-in-laws, they have been such a blessing to me. And I used SG products, EBA-Afresh and EBA-Watercolor and LLA-Cheerful Day tag. I made a little booklet using the grandkids pictures in it. I really like how it came out and i am making one for my mom that has Alzheimer's so she can look at it and realize she has lots of great grandkids.

    These are beautiful Dixie and what a wonderful thought to make them for all the Moms in your family and a booklet for your own Mother.   I really like how they came out, using photos and pretty background and even binding it too.   What a special gift to come from you.    

    Very thoughtful, beautiful gift you are blessing your daughters with! The little tag is adorable! And is that a small mini album? Such a treasure!

    This is wonderful, what a great idea and so thoughtful. Peaceful calming colors too.

    Great idea! It came out beautifully!

    The little booklet is a mini album with all the grandchildren pictured in it. And it is small enough that the mom can carry it around in her purse if she wants to.

    What a treasure! I love the colors and the size!

    What a wonderful idea for a special gift for your mom! My mom has Alzheimer's too, so I may borrow your idea. I like the lovely pastel colors. The tag with the duckling is very sweet too.

    Wonderful idea. I may borrow that idea for my mother's birthday.