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2014-05 Swap for Carol 2


Monica Lebsack

2014-05 Swap for Carol 2

I got carried away with restoring the photos for Carol, so the LO ended up being a JIF page.  If you're not a Clubmember, I highly recommend it.  Those pre-made layouts are life savers!  ;)
Supplies used:
Amanda Fraijo-Tobin--Life Montage JIFFY-EP-Album (members only)

    Oh this is lovely Monica.  I like what you did with Carol's special photo, it really looks great.   :)

    The JIF page has worked well with those photos. I am sure Carol will enjoy this. 

    this is so much fun looking, i think this jif page is very fitting for looking back at the era.

    Wonderful photos and I love the JIF that you used. 

    Sweet photos. I'm so glad you were able to restore them for Carol. They look terrific with the Jif Page, too. Another great job!

    Oh Monica, this brought tears to my eyes.  You did a wonderful job on restoring the photo and I love how you focused on me and cropped me out of the larger photo and made me a photo of my own.   You've got to tell me how you restored that photo.  The JIFFY page you used is fabulous and so perfect for this photo.  Love the title you used too.  I need to check out this JIFFY page.

    I love how the photos are hanging from the wire. Beautiful job on the restorations!

    Fabulous page! You did a great job on the photos! Love all the layers and these gorgeous vibrant colors!