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Dream More layout

Dream More layout

I saw this sign this morning on FB and it just spoke to me - life has thrown me some real curves lately and this seemed almost like a personal message just to me for some reason, so can't take credit for the sign, don't know from whom it came, but I used SG Divenire for the layout.
I'm so rusty - it's been a long time since I've done a layout, but just had to share this message with everyone.

    Wow! Beautiful, Sara:) These colors are gorgeous and love the message.

    Thanks Sara for sharing this.  Those are very strong but good words. You have shown this off well on a lovely page. 

    Beautiful page. The border really sets it off. I saw this on FB and it spoke to me, too. Nice to see you back, Sara. 

    It is a thoughtful quote. Love the lacy background and borders.

    I'm going to adopt that as my new mantra.  Thanks for sharing you beautiful page.

    So beautiful, Sara.   Your quote is lovely and your background and page is so soft and pretty.  I really like the fancy and elegant blending you used.  Wonderful page.  :)