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World Tour Wild Animals

World Tour Wild Animals

This is my wild animals page. I would have used photos of bears and/or deer that we occasionally see in our backyard, but I don't have any photos of those. Hoping to get some good shots of them one of these days...
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    These are lovely animals, Theresa.  I love the angled shapes of the photos, and your subtitle.  Wonderful background colors, too.

    I love your photos of your backyard buddies.  Great page.

    You may not have photos of bear or deer, but you got great ones of a bunny, chipmunk, and squirrel. I like the way you used the slanted layout template. Nice job!

    I love your photos and the template. Great title. Lovely layouts.

    Awww...backyard buddies are the best ever....love to watch mine....My sister-in-law feeds the raccoons in her back yard and one day she ran back in to answer the phone and caught a little guy in the entry dragging a bag of critter food out the door LOL....they are so much smarter than anyone thinks.

    Soooo cute, I like the shapes you used :)

    I really have to get those templates! What adorable photos!!

    This is so cute,  Theresa and I love the "wild animal" shots you got! I really like your background, it shows off your pics so well.  I also really like your embellishments and title and your journaling made me smile!   Lovely page.   :)

    Sweet photos, and they look great in this template!

    What cute photos these are of your backyard buddies.  I love squirrels and rabbits are just too cute.  I see lots of chipmunks at the Zoo, but they move so fast, I can never get a picture of one.  Love the template you used and the papers you added into the squares along with the leaves.