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Grizzly Berries, left

Grizzly Berries, left

Photos from our 2003 trip to Alaska - finally scrapped!  If memory serves, we really saw only one bear, multiple times.  He/she was aware of us, but didn't seem to mind our presence in HIS patch of berries.  We all sampled blueberries from along the trail, and whatever other berries were ripe - crow berries, I think, and perhaps salmon berries - my notes don't include that information.  Supplies are in EXIF.  Off to scrap the wolves!

    Wonderful two-page layout! Fantastic photos and I love the stitching. I really like the torn edge papers and the blueberry embellishments too. Love your journaling as well. It looks like it was quite an adventure!

    What wonderful photos of the bears.  You did a beautiful job with these two pages.

    wonderful LO--good for you for catching up! blueberries are the best!

    Putting the hiking trail photo on the torn paper is genius. It leads your eye down the path in a way that the full photo might not have. Wonderful layout!

    Awesome photos and lovely journaling. I love the title and the template. 

    Wonderful photos and journaling, Jo. I like the stiched frames and especially the torn edge of your page showing off your great vertical photo. It gives the feeling of walking the trail. Can I assume if the grizzly wanted its blueberries from you, you wouldn't fight for them? :D

    No, we wouldn't argue with the bear.  I'm often silly, but not crazy.

    This sounds like an awesome holiday. Great photos and wonderful LO :)

    I love what you did with the left side ... very nicely done and those blueberries look delicious 

    Beautiful torn edge on that photo! I think I would leave the berries for the bears!