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Wild Things

Wild Things

They are Wilder than they look here believe me...........they are lucky I love them so much!
I used BMU_Menagerie

    I love this page, Carol! Your cats are so pretty and they look so sweet. Love your embellishments and the patterned paper strips. I reall enjoyed your journaling too - wonderful layout!

    Precious, Carol.  Love your page.  My cats are also on the wild side at night.  Hissing, spitting and growling and its usually on my bed. 


    Your kitties are adorable and look so sweet and angelic.  Love the background paper, paper strips and the flower cluster.  Very pretty.

    How cute.  I love the photos, and even though I'm not a cat person, I can believe that they might have a bit of a wild side.

    I live your title and journaling and the background and cluster are lovely. I didn't know that domestic cats prowled and fought at night. I learned something new.

    Great photos and word art. Pretty cats especially the large one. Lovely layout.

    Oh, yes - I can see the wildness in their eyes.  And I love the jungle you created to surround them.  The title treatment is fantastic!

    Well I'm glad your camera caught them in one of their less wild moments! Great page. I love the bg paper and all the natural embellishments.

    HA HA :) this soooooooooooooo made me laugh as I thought you were describing my cats :) Purrrrfect LO for such adorablecats :)

    They look so innocent! Perfect collection to use for those precious photos!

    Great journaling and super photos, Carol!  I love how you background matches the cats' color and your embellishments are great!   Awesome work and layout.   :)