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Wolves of Denali, left

Left page of two: wolf pair feeding on a fresh Dall sheep kill, along the main - only - road into the center of Denali National Park. DH took the wolf photos; I caught the background (although it may not be of the exact area behind the wolves.) Supplies are in EXIF


Journaling: On August 15, 2003, we traveled by bus from Kantishna back to the Denali Depot. Among the animals we saw were this pair of wolves - an alpha male and his mate, sharing a fresh Dall sheep kill. The bus stopped for passengers to open windows and thrust lenses out. As we watched, almost silently except for clicking shutters, we could hear the yipping of cubs, sheltered somewhere in the bushes. Both were collared to allow naturalists to track them; the male’s collar is visible in the right picture.

About a year later, we learned that both had been found, shot, outside the park.

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Wonderful two page layout. I love the way your background flows across both pages and the hill in the foreground mimics the mountains. Great job on the journaling too. How did you find out that they had been killed, was there someway for you to track them?

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DH can't remember if he saw it online, or in one of the magazines we receive, but it was made public.

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Your pages look great together, Jo - your photos are amazing and your journaling so interesting.

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