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Wild and Free

Wild and Free

Pretty tame compared to some of the wild animals in the gallery, but I was so happy to snap a few shots of the squirrels that run all over the place down here that I just had to scrap them.
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    I love this page, Melanie! Your squirrels are adorable and I particularly like the wonderful brightly colored flowers. Perfect word art too. Sweet layout!

    They are so fun to watch....so playful.  I feed them here and they get pretty tame.

    Those are hard shots to get. Our squirrels are so wild, I have never been able to capture them. Love your flower border.

    As long as they aren't in my bird feeder, or eating my shed, I'm happy to watch them, too! I love the colors you used!

    Cute photos and page, Melanie!  I like all the colors you used.   :)

    I love the BG paper its like the squirrel just jumped all over it :) cute photos and the bright flowers are a fantastic spurt of colour :)

    Darling page, Melanie; I especially like the center photo.  And your background is so evocative of squirrels leaping and bounding.  We, too, feed the squirrels - unintentionally; where there are bird feeders, there WILL be squirrels. 

    I love squirrels and this one is adorable.  Love the photos and your background, the chicken wire behind the photos, the pretty flowers across the page and the bird and flowers cluster.  Very pretty. 

    Cute photos and beautiful collection. Lovely layout.