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So many fishes....

World Tour

So many fishes....

Largest Aquarium in Europe, Lisbon Portugal.
Stop over for the day before heading back on the road on our bikes. Amazing place.

    what a great way to show off your photos. looks sensational.

    thank you for using my Solstice Collection Biggie 


    Lovely photos and silhouette - that must be an awesome scene!  I really like your embellishments swimming across the page and your title looks great, Marie!   :)

    Wow - it's not difficult to imagine the size of that tank. Your photo really draws the eye in.

    Great photo of the tank - that's hard to capture.  Love your smaller photos, especially the jellies.  And the border sparkles!

    Wonderful! Fascinating photos and I love the brightly colored embellishments.

    I really like all the bright colors contrasting with your amazing undersea photo. Your photo frame shapes are really eye-catching too. 

    Wonderful photos. I love the brightly coloured embellishments. Lovely layout.