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Thursday Blog On the Road Again

I used this template from Amanda as my finishing touch using the blending mode "soft light" at 75% opacity. AFT ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Faded Vignettes

CTH On the Road Again Alpha

STI Cruising Collection

AFT ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Torn Silhouette s

MPE Dad’s Suitcase Collection

AFT Cherished Collection Mini

AFT Brush Set: Mixed Years 2011-2020 Biggie

AFT Assemble Your Own Zoom Pages: Jubilant

AFT ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Dreamy Canvas 6401 Super Biggie

SBA ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Basic Shadows 6501

AFT Winter White (retired)



On our second trip to Virginia in as many months, I was a little bored riding along. I entertained myself by taking this “selfie”. Leroy was not amused, but I had fun!


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Cute photo and page, Conda! I really like how vivid the colors are and your background is so pretty. :)

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ohhh my LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much for playing with us!!!!!!!!! and...are men ever happy with the camera around ? LOL

love the pages, thanks again!!!!!

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Great dare Conda, love the selfie!!! Have we ever seen Leroy before haha?? What a long drive but it does look like fun! Lov the map and blending and all the little travel embellies. Great page!

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Cute selfie! This caught my eye right away. I think it's the bold blue. Then I noticed the suitcases. Thanks for using them in your layout!

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Too bad Leroy wasn't amused, but it's still a great pic and I love the map paper against the dark blue, and your lovely suitcase/flower cluster! Thanks for playing with my alpha again:)

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