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Keep Calm And Knit

Keep Calm And Knit

Supplies in EXIF

    This is really clever. I love seeing what everyone does to keep calm. Well done and you are a very talented knitter!

    wow .. I'm always impressed with those who can knit ... beautiful and so is this LO

    Oh for sure knitting and crocheting are on my "keep calm" list!   I love what you did here and wow - so cool to see your creations, JoAnne!   :)

    What fun, Joanne - calming fun!  I really like the closeup photos of your projects, and the cards you created.  Pointy sticks do require calm hands.

    That's a wonderful collection of "keep calm" statements. Very creative - and wow, what great knitting!

    Great page Joanne! I love the photos of your knitting projects and the fun cards you created. Thanks for participating in the challenge!

    Wow, beautiful knitting projects!  Wonderful composition and I love the little id cards!

    WOW!!!! You've done amazing on those knitting projects.

    Beautiful.  As a knitter I really appreciate what you've done here, with your knitting as well as the page.

    That's a fun hat! Nice work. :-)