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Friday Freebie Challenge 8/8/2014 "Wow"

Friday Freebie Challenge 8/8/2014   "Wow"

For my page I used the freebie Halftone Shape because it made me think of fireworks I had just seen.
So, I used the magic wand to delete out the black sky from my photos and added a silhouette I'd found online to a sky background.
For this layout I used:
JCO Starlight Jif Plus
MPE Comic Mischief Halftone Shape Special
and my own photos

    Very creative way to use the halftone shape, I love that idea! Your photos are fabulous and the extraction is innovative and well done.  Great use of the freebie!

    Marilyn this is fabulous!!! I love it and you told us how to do it...really nice of you. Thanks so much for sharing. Super page. A coupe of the people are pointing at the fireworks...must be the grand finale!!!

    Beautiful!  Love how you used the mask as the backdrop for your fabulous fireworks photo.  And I love the silhouette of the people dancing and enjoying the fireworks display.  You did a fantastic job on this.

    Absolutely stunning. So very creative. I love it.

    WOW indeed!  Great fireworks photos, and I love the dancers celebrating in the foreground.  Spectacular!

    Very creative. I love it.

    How cool! Incredibly creative. I may have to steal your idea sometime. Neat way to use the mask. :-)

    Brilliant use of the freebie! Very creative!

    Awesome!  I love your people and the fireworks.

    Very creative, Marilyn. I love it! You always have good ideas. :)