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Tulip Trees -- Fri 8-8-14 Freebie

Tulip Trees -- Fri 8-8-14 Freebie

At the Botanical Garden they have these Tulip Trees that line the walkway (called an Alee) that goes to the Library at the top of the hill.  Every Spring, the trees explode with these gorgeous 'Tulip Trees' and I finally managed to get some beautiful close-up photos of the flowers.  I'm usually there before or after the flowers are in bloom.  Then while walking around, I spotted this little Robin Red Breast hanging around and so I snapped a photo of him.
I managed to use all three of the freebies from today's bundle.
Supplies Used:
SNU Comic Strip Paper Special
MPE CM Halftone Shape 3 Freebie recolored using AFT SSStyles Scratched Metals 6401_9 (yellow)
LLO Road Trip EmbSpec -- Flower RedGeos
DEB Shadowmoss Collection -- Butterflies
BHA Blossom & Bloom Spring -- Tulips

    Carol, great way to use the halftone freebie...the photos are are great. We have a few of these trees in CT but when we lived in TN we saw many of them. They do have very pretty flowers.

    This caught my eye right away Carol. Great photos - I love tulip trees! (we have a beautiful one in the center of our front yard). Love the photo of the robin too and great job on using all the freebies. Wonderful page!

    That is so cool! Your photos are spectacular, and the layout highlights them quite nicely. I think you did a splendid job using the halftone - and congrats on using ALL the freebies!

    This is gorgeous!!!! :)

    Oh, Carol this is wonderful and you managed to use all three freebies so wonderfully!  Your photos are gorgeous and I love, love love how you used the mask.   Lovely work and thanks for joining the Friday Freebie Challenge.   :)

    Gorgeous photos Carol and lovely layout!

    You got some beautiful photos. I love your layout!

    I love what you did with the halftone freebie! Great photos too! Lovely layout.

    I love the texture of the freebie and the pretty flower photos. Lovely layout.