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Bees And Flowers National Honeybee Day

Bees And Flowers National Honeybee Day

These are some photos that I took at the Botanical Garden of flowers and Bees.  Honey bees collect pollen and nectar as food for the entire colony, and as they do, they pollinate plants. Nectar stored within their stomachs is passed from one worker to the next until the water within it diminishes. At this point, the nectar becomes honey, which workers store in the cells of the honeycomb.
Supplies Used:
BMU Asian Beauty Collection -- Butterfly
GWH Strawberry Delight Collection -- Butterfly, Bee
KME Butterfly Effect Collection -- Butterfly
SBA JIF Plus Kindred Collection -- Magnifying Glass
BMU Kensington Collection -- Magnifying Glass
BMU Heritage Collection -- Magnifying Glass

    Gorgeous photos and beautifully scrapped. I used to love helping my great grandfather collect honeycomb from his beehives. I remember trying to save bees by washing them when they'd get trapped in the sticky goodness.

    This is wonderful Carol! I LOVE your great photos, how you framed them and how you used the magnifying glasses. Great lesson too - SWEET!

    Lovely, Carol!   Great photos and I really like how you used the magnifying glasses and framed the smaller pics, they look so beautiful!   Gorgeous page.   :)

    What a beautiful rose and I love how you used the magnifying glass!