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15aug14 Fri Freebie chlg

15aug14 Fri Freebie chlg

Bob the dog rode the trains between Terowie (seen in my Blog Template layout this week) and Peterborough.  He was quite famous!


    What an interesting memorial! I love the elegant look you've given your page. I especially like the Victorian era bookplate and must remember to use that. The squares in the background paper look great here, too!

    Amazing little dog! I love how you placed your squares and repeated them creating the extra depth adding that rich dark deep chocolate color against your beige background. I can see his collar in your picture too.

    I've read about him ... nice page for Bob ... perfect colors, Jode

    What a great little dog! The colors are perfect and I love that you included the plaques!

    OMG,,,,that looks like my Pirate dog...I miss you my little buddy...Great page I love what you did with it. That is a great story.

    What a cute dog and story Jode and your photos are great!   I really like your framing and how you put this together and you did a wonderful job with the freebies!   :)

    What lovely and interesting photos. Love your layout.