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Journaling: "Watching the cheetahs run in the “Heart of Africa” region at the zoo, I learned that there are two points in their running technique where a cheetah’s four feet are ALL off the ground: at full extension and then when the legs are fully contracted. Catching images of those moments then became one of my photo goals."





ABR_Falling4U (Alpha)


Font: Trebuchet MS

Made in PSE12



© roocmc

Photo Information for Airborne

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Great photos and info on their running. Love how the photos go across the LO like the running direction of the cheetah.. you know what I mean.

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Wow, good for you, catching them at the right moments! Your photos are wonderful. I love how the horizontal lines in the bg paper add to the feeling of speed. Great page!

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Exactly, who knew!? No wonder they are the world's fastest animal! I am super impressed you managed to capture these shots tho... and the way you scrapped them in lines really does add to that feeling of speed!

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Wow! Great photos! I like you choice of background papers and the placement of your photos. Thanks for participating in the challenge.

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