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Rockin' Red

Journaling reads: "Jennifer has been an amazing contributor to the Shadowbox Live house band, BillWho?, as well as their new band, Light. Her talents are an integral part of the team. When Light performed as part of a collaborative effort with BalletMet, "7 Seven Deadly Sins," we got a great view of her work on the keys! I'm looking forward to their next show, "Gallery of Echoes.""









Font: Arial

Made in PSE12


© roocmc

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You must be quite proud of her accomplishments! I love all the reds here as well as your background blending. The musical notes make a great border!

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Great brush work! Love the musical border and the red background with the red costumes. Interesting journalling too!

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Loved your journalling. The red background is wonderful, love the musical notes and blending too. Thanks for joining the challenge.

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