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June right side

June right side

I've gotten behind.  Its been a challenging year for us - I find it harder to scrap the challenges although they are part of our story.  I was diagnosed with caught early -  very treatable breast cancer this spring.  I am doing well and on the other side of treatments and now cancer free. Life is getting back to normal and I am getting back to scrapping.
I used ABR ss layout album 5

    Beautiful photos! I like how well the black background shows them off. It's great to see you back in the gallery -- and I'm glad your treatments went well.

    Oh, Pat I'm sorry - you have certainly had a rough year.   I'm very happy you were diagnosed early - that's a huge key to healing and treatment.    I'm glad you are doing well - that's wonderful news!   :)   Your photos and journaling are wonderful and you are so right that it's important to record and scrap all of the parts of your life and story.    Best to you in your healing and moving ahead!   :)

    So glad to see your layout, I am sorry you are facing challenges but I think scrapbooking them will make them easier to got through!

    I feel for you having been there myself. Lovely photos.

    It's good to see you back, Pat, and I'm glad your recovery process is going well


    Your two layouts are lovely, and the photos of Audubon's birds are amazing. I like the classic black background for both pages, and the overall green tone of the right page.  Happy scrapping!