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Nest Watching

Nest Watching

Love bird watching especially in my own back yard.
For this I used
ABR ss layout album 5 and ABL Naturalist for the back ground

    great photos ... how lucky to be able to watch the hawk ... very nice page

    So cool to have those birds in your own yard! I love your photos and the pretty blended background of your page.

    Oh wow this is so neat and to think it's in your own backyard!    Very cool.   Your photos are wonderful and I really like all the different stages and ages of the birds you showed us.    Great layout!  :)

    So fun to watch those baby hawks grow I am sure! TFS!

    How cool to watch the progress. Great layout.

    Wow!  What a wonderful opportunity for you!  We see hawks occasionally, looking for prey at our feeders, but none - that we know of - have nested nearby.  DH will be so envious when I show him your page.  I love the way the layout template focuses on the photos, and your subtle background picks up the tones of the fledglings and the nest.  Beautiful page, Pat!