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Saturday colour challenge_Family Day On boat

Saturday colour challenge_Family Day On boat

My DD with a crew mate and a family member.
I used:

    Fun photo! You do such beautiful blending... it's always a treat to see. Lovely cluster, too.

    Fabulous blending - great LO - I love it!

    I love this. I never know how to add clusters to a large blended photo and this is just perfect.

    Three gorgeous smiles...they all look happy..what a life she has. Great blending/mask job.

    Awwww.... I love this..what sweet faces!

    What a super fun photo!  I like the way you enhanced it using Brandy blending mask.  The lovely cluster and pops of colors and textures make this a truly artistic page.  Gorgeous!

    Wonderful!  I love the blending, it's perfect with the windblown hair.  :)  Thanks for joining the challenge.