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Trevi Fountain

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Trevi Fountain

"Our second stop during our whirlwind day in Rome was to Piazza di Trevi, dominated by its amazing fountain. Our group also had time for a gelato, and I picked up a few postcards and my commemorative magnet."
...and underneath the images...
"The main statue of the fountain does not represent Neptune, but Ocean. In fact, Neptune often has a trident in his hands and a dolphin following him. Instead, as its designer Nicola Salvi wrote, the statue is an image of Ocean, the personification of an immense river that flows around the earth and from which all streams of water derive. Ocean was the son of Sky and Vesta. From his union with Thetis, rivers and sources of water were born.

"The beard of Ocean is a symbol of wisdom and power. The wand is short and thick, similar to the ones held by Roman emperors portrayed in many ancient coins. The restless horse represents the violent strength of the sea. The calm horse in contrast is a symbol of the tranquility of the sea. The statue of Abundance holds the symbol of plenty, a horn filled with fruits and produce."
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Credit: text explaining the symbolism in the sculptures is from www.trevifountain.net/iconography.htm

    Wow, your photos are gorgeous and your background so perfect to show them off!  I enjoyed your journaling and looking through this page.   Lovely work. :)

    These are really wonderful photos! Mine are dark and blurry ad pre digital... lucky I threw a coin in so I will go back! Your notes are great too, I really enjoyed learning that this was Ocean not Neptune, it adds to the brilliant workmanship when you know more behind it... Great choice to use for these colours!

    Wonderful take on the colors.  I love the blues and yellows with your photos.  Also, thank you for including the history.  I love learning about new places and things.  :)  Thanks for joining the challenge.

    Great photos, Ann.  I love the waves you used, linking to the interesting explanations of the sculptures, and the crisp arrangement of the pictures.    

    Wow!  What wonderful photos these are.  Love how you added waves under the photos and thanks for the wonderful info on the fountain.  I too love learning new things about places and things.

    Great page! I love that you created the waves and emphasized them with dotted lines, together with your great collection of photos, it truly makes a stunning page.