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2014-08 Swap for Lei Right


Monica Lebsack

2014-08 Swap for Lei Right

Supplies used:
Brandy Murry--Outdoor Dad Collection Biggie
Outdoor Life Collection Biggie
Marlene Peacock--Cottage Reflections Overlays Paper Mini
Kerry Veale--ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Subtle Photos 7601 Biggie


    Great two-fer!

    Gorgeous! Lei is going to love it!

    absolutely stunning. love the use of white space

    Oh Monica ... this is fantastic!! I love the 2-page spread. I really like the design of this page - the centered photo & clusters and ribbons ... very eye-catching! Thank you!!

    I love the papers and the alpha. Lovely two page layout.

    Another great page, Monica.  I love how you clustered everything in the center of the page and left lots of negative space.  That is something I have difficulty doing and need to learn.  I need to fill up the page.  Love the 'Family' alpha title.