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Summer Sojourning pg 9 - Inniswood

Summer Sojourning pg 9 - Inniswood

Another page for our July trip.  It will need to face the birthday breakfast page, but doesn't really match.  The best coordination I could manage was to use Elisha's Afresh paper, although a different color, as the border, and maintain a similar angular arrangement for the photos.  The top picture is a panorama made from three photos, and is the view seen just inside the park.  More pages of our meanderings here to follow. Supplies are in EXIF.  TFL!

    Lovely page! They look like unusual flowers. I especially like the panorama in the background with the close-ups in the foreground.  I like your choice of the green Afresh paper, too. It sets a nice garden mood.

    Thanks, Jo, for all your kind comments on my travel layouts. Yes, it was a fun trip as you know. :)

    A beautiful place and so is your page. Where are these gardens?

    The gardens are in Westerville, Ohio, and are part of the Metro Parks in and around Columbus.

    Beautiful page, feels and looks of summer.  Love the depth on your photo, great journaling and lovely background.